Posted on Aug 31, 2016

Rain, rain go away, let the tractors out to play!

The Tractor Pull grounds were packed, the smell of hotdogs and burgers on the BBQ wafted by, and everywhere people were enjoying catching up with friends and family. The Tractor Pull is one of the biggest attractions at the Vermilion Fair, bringing in an audience of hundreds. But to relax with a beer or cooler and enjoy the sheer power of these machines on the bleachers, one needs to get there pretty early. Rain delayed the Modified Tractor pulls by 3 hours, though it didn’t seem to discourage anyone from watching the show. Even the drizzle didn’t dampen our excitement as we waited for the show to start.

image1The excitement began with the announcer speaking to the crowd. It was starting soon and we couldn’t wait.

Volunteers from the crowd jumped in and helped remove the tarp from the track so the show could get underway.

Finally the sounds of engines rumbling and the smell of exhaust smoke filled the air. The bleachers were lined with umbrellas and ponchos, as people were prepared for a good show, rain or shine. Families were finding room for strollers and getting the ear protectors ready for the kids.

My body started to vibrate with the first truck up to pull! Although it was a test run for the track, the crowd watched with excitement as he revved his engine, waiting for the boost to build up. People covered their ears, and then in a split second, the pedal was to the floor, black smoke was rolling out of the duel stack exhaust and the show was on its way!

image2To test the trucks and tractors a, trailer is towed behind them as they race up the track with a weight (big white rectangle) that moves closer to the truck as the pull goes on. This makes it harder for the trucks and tractors to pull and shows the true performance of the modified vehicle.

My Favorite truck is Wes Scott’s Pandemonium. Do not let the pink fool you–this is a truck with all the modifications.  Yes, I do like it for the pink too!

image3The sound of pull after pull echoed through the town of Vermilion for 4 hours as each tractor and truck gave it their best effort.

There are many different classes of tractors and trucks that pull.

They include:

Tractors: Micro-Mini, B-Mini, A-Mini, Smokers, Modified Tractor

Trucks: 2 Wheel Drive, 4 Wheel Drive, Street Work, Street Modified, Unlimited

Pandemonium is classified under the 4 Wheel Drive and the pictures below are in the Smoker Category.

Not everyone has a great pull and gets away undamaged, but everyone has fun doing it! The distance of the pull was good but the price of getting there… ouch!

image5 image4

As the last truck finishes its pull and the crowd starts to disperse, a silence settles over the fair ground, can think is, what a show!