Posted on Nov 30, 2016

Vermilion Community Heritage Park, October 1, 2016

image1Shopping, food, art, and wine – is there a better way to spend a Saturday in Vermilion?  The new Vermilion Community Heritage Oven was put to good use in the new community park cook shack as volunteers dished up the free lunch sponsored by Inter Pipeline and made tray after tray of aromatic and delicious cinnamon buns.  The rain did not deter the community from coming out for a good lunch with great company.

Down the hill under giant tents donated by various community organizations vendors specializing in various handmade and homemade toys, gifts, ironwork, interior and exterior decorations offered their wares.

From 10-years-old to 100, there was something for all. Everyone who strolled the isles had a chance to talk to the artisans and vendors about the wonderful array of products to purchase.

Unfortunately, due to the persistent rain shower some vendors packed up two hours early but were not disappointed with the event.

As the afternoon started so did the creativity in the Cab Sav n Canvases class. Participants with sticky fingers from the cinnamon buns prepared to let their artistic side free to paint a beautiful northern lights scape taught by the talented local artist and High School Art Teacher, Monica To.

To make the experience even better participants had a choice of six different wines to sip as they created their own works of art. The room was full of laughter and concentration. Participants from 20 years old to 70 years old, enjoyed their relaxing afternoon. Monica To, a true artist, let the room have their freedom to create a variation at each step. There was not right or wrong way to create the paintings and as the class relaxed and got into the groove, the originality.

As the last of the brushes left the canvases the participants admired everyone’s efforts then hurried to show off their masterpiece.

The crowd around the brick oven started to disperse as the afternoon started to turn to evening. With a long day behind them, the volunteers wrapped up the remainder of the food and thanked each other for yet another job well done.

The next event in Vermilion to attend will be Savor! On November 25th. Taste the best selection of scotch, wine and beer paired with delicious food from the best Vermilion has to offer.