Posted on Feb 26, 2017

Pinot and Paint…. need I say more?

It was a full house at the Vermilion Regional Centre for the Pinot and Paint hosted by the Vermilion Community Art Club. There were around 30 painters with talents that stretched the skills spectrum. A choice of red or white wine and snacks were available. The night began with the chatter of old friends and new friends meeting to share a great experience.

The night’s instructor, Bonny a member of the Community Art Club, began to explain the steps to her what looked like complicated painting. She reassured the group that it is easier than it looks and to make their own impression on the painting. She had given each attendee a stencil to help a little bit.

Giggles became louder around the room as the canvases looked like a wet mess of red and blue paint running together.

A voice from across the room spoke up, “every painting has ugly stages”. It was Bonny, once again reassuring the group that they will have a beautiful painting to call their own.

Stage after stage the paintings took shape. Each was its own with different interpretations of the instructions and colors.

As the class was coming to an end the room began to stir as people were finishing and starting to clean up, while some were putting the finishing touches on their canvas.

The night had come to an end and the atmosphere was satisfied and relaxed! A great night out with a beautiful farm scape to take home.

Whispers of another class happening in May. Keep up to date with the Vermilion Community Art Club events for details!…