Vermilion – New Ideas For Business!

A thriving community of 4150, Community Economic Development is a high priority for the Town of Vermilion. We are committed to ensuring our town remains a prosperous business community, a place where your business can grow and excel. Our business community is filled with energy, inspiration and ‘New Ideas for Living’ whether you’re just starting out or are looking for a new location for an established business, Vermilion is the location.

Our goal is to provide support for business and community development to meet the needs of businesses and residents and to create local employment opportunities. Through collaborative partnerships, we will work with you to build relationships with the local business community and new or potential stakeholders. Read More

Existing Businesses… Is your business considering expanding locally, nationally or possibly internationally? We would be happy assist, connect and share in order to expand your business and Vermilion’s business community. We can provide local statistics, site selection assistance and point you in the right direction for success.

Please explore our website to obtain information, resources, and contacts related to developing, launching and operating a business in Vermilion.

Economic Development, Town of Vermilion is your one stop shop for information on achieving success in Vermilion and surrounding area. Contact today to put a unique network of partners and strong community support to work for you.

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